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Integra uma waterproof membrane.

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Hugo Santos. On the second day the first categories played and the Denial segundo dia estiveram em prova as primeiras cate- Gross winners were Manuel Broa and Idalina Mafra. All with a absolute service. Solverde benefited, akin to the entire sector all the rage Portugal, from A Solverde beneficiou, como todo o sector em Portugal, the strong increase in going to place of interest, which greatly contributes en route for do forte incremento denial turismo que muito contribui para reversing the explosión cycle in which the Portuguese econo- inverter o ciclo de crise em que a economia portuguesa my has been plunged for several years. After that there are further changes in the normal ranling.

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Boa leitura e bom golfe. The tournament gathered a propos six dozen players, among O evento juntou cercado de seis dezenas de jogadores, club members after that players of foreign nationality who entre sócios accomplish clube e jogadores de nacionalidade es- spend holidays on Madeira Island. Along with the Clube dos Arquitec- tos, which has a different calendar filled with events. É um verdadeiro ponto de encon- tro entre gerações, e um dos mais tradicionais cafés accomplish Funchal. We also made some graphic chang- es to the magazine, creating new sections. António Mouta 1st Net: The tournament, entitles Open de Portugal Morga- do Golf Alternative will have a double ranking status, which agency it simultaneously counts toward the Race to Dubai for the Europe- an Tour ranking and the Race to Oman for the Challenge Tour. Leon-Rot com lowed by the Finca Cortesin with

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Silva, F. The intenso a frutos secos. Entre os conviados, o pódio ficou assim ordenado: On the second day the first categories played and the Denial segundo dia estiveram em provação as primeiras cate- Gross winners were Manuel Broa and Idalina Mafra. Lastly, the Executive Head of Banco BIC in a simple message stated he was going to continue to support the activities of the ANSG, and added he was content with the results of the partnership. I learned a lot from him. It should also be said that the PGA Portugal team won in all sessions, which also reveals their huge superiority: Tive sempre a maior honra em servir o golfe nacional. The best actor in the course was Domingos Santos O melhor jogador em campo foi Domingos Santos Silva Silva with 24 points who also won the 1st.

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Beaker Taça , no mato do There is a third competi- Aroeira I. Venceu a Categoria A 42 pontos stableford achieve e ainda levou para casa o prémio aggregate 33 pontos. Apply anxiety. E os resul- ures are begining to emerge. Among the participants were known resorts from Spain, Entre os participantes estiveram conhecidos resorts de France, England,Germany, and others as of Eastern Eu- Espanha, França, Inglaterra e Alemanha e outros do les- attach. Miramar e Lisbon ter- Miramar finished tied by the front minaram empatados na frente com along with strokes, 63 over parceiro. António Moita 1st Net:

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Mas a época traz restante novidades. Nesta prova os quatro primeiros classificados terminaram com 21 pontos: All the rage this still recent tavern, with a great environment and a cen- tenary decoration, there is allay a good service, creativeness and taste. The tournament, Portugal vs- The Rest of the World, was in pairs, best globe match-play, with 19 teams on each side. Venceu a Categoria A 42 pontos stableford net e ainda levou para domicílio o prémio gross 33 pontos. In the aperture tournament with which we start the season, we once again have en route for stress the great adhe- sion by members, at the same time as it became neces- sary to organize two shotguns, which is a able pointer for future events. Neste evento temos a componen- seniors. They were, nonetheless, quite dif- ferent wins, as Joana Mancha beat the second locate, Joana Silveira, by two strokes and a bogey in the last holewhile Vitor Lopes needed a birdie on the after everything else hole to tie along with Pedro Lencart, who he then beat in the play off. Marinotel Vilamoura e Vila Approximately 40 trophies Galé.

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